PTE (Park Train Extras)v1.3.2
Downloaded 250 times Released: 02.12.2017 Updated: 06.01.2022
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PTE - Park Train Extras is a set of (Deco - non-functional) assets which makes your park train rails a bit more realistic.

How-to use:
 • Left Mouse Click: Place object
 • Hold Alt: Activate grid (snap to grid)
 • Press Alt + (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9): Switch grid size & Snap to center/Snap to corner
 • Hold down Shift and move your mouse up and down to change the height

The following Mods fits perfectly to this Mod:
RoadWorks - http://home-server/home-of-stolle/index.php?...p;i=1
Changelog V1.3 (Triggerable Update):
You need Partkitect Update 1.6 or above and the new Booms & Blooms DLC to have fully access to the trigger function!
 • Modified all rails so junctions looks more realistic
 • Slightly reduced polygon count on all rails

 • Added american style crossing barrier (Triggerable)
 • Some small fixes

 • Added sand and sandstone shapes
 • Added 4 brand new triggerable objects (Signal which can open and close, 2 barriers which can open and close, Crossing sign which blinks). You can freely customize the duration how long as ex. the barriers are closed or how long the light is blinking
 • Re-worked the signal to fit a more realistic optic

Changelog V1.2 (Grass TerraShape Update):
 • Added tunnel pieces to create your own tunnels without the original tunnel tube
 • Added grass terrain shapes (Walls, Grass, Grass sheets and Grass border) pieces to fit the original terrain

Changelog V1.1 (Now Steam Release):
 • Move the mod to the new mod tool which make sure the compatibility is given for future game updates and release on steam workshop

Changelog v1.0 (ParkitectNexus Release):
 • First release with 6 rail objects, 3 Levers, 2 Signals, 1 Crossing sign, 1 Pedestrian crossing platform, 2 Guide rails
Copy the archive in your Documents/Parkitect/Mods folder and extract it there.

Copy the archive in your Documents/Parkitect/Mods folder, extract it and replace all files.

Delete the mod folder from the Documents/Parkitect/Mods folder.