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[Mod] RoadWorks v1.7.1 für Parkitect
Aktualisiert: 11.07.2018 Veröffentlicht: 02.12.2017 64 Downloads
RoadWorks Asset Pack with which you can create Roads and Parking Areas.

- Add Dead End, Arrow Left/Right & Speedlimit 100 Sign
- Add Inner Edge to Bike Cycle Road Piece
- Add Diagonal Parkinglot Markings
- Reworked the Roads. Now they are Re-Colorable without loose too many of the "Noise" Details
- Delete the Red, Blue & Green Road Pieces because you can now Color it by yourself

- Fixed Road Glossiness in some View Directions
- Re-Add Wooden Bus Stop Stand
- Add more Road Markings (Bike Cycle Icon, Single Curved Lines etc.)
- Add Smaller Road Pieces incl. more Colors (Red, Blue and Green Road for ex. Bike Cycle Ways)
- Add 5 new Signs for Bike Cycles
- Changed Curved Marking so these are more Curved
- Changed Grid Size on some Markings from 1 to 3
- Removed Animated Railroad Crossing Lights because these are cause some Errors InGame

- Trafficlights and Lamps now Updated to Beta 5. They now Emit Light at Night.

- Add the new more Modular Trafficlights and Lamps

- Removed Bus Stop & Trafficlight because they need some work
- Add some more Signs
- Add 2 Young Trees for the Roadside
- Road Markings are now Colorable

v1.0 - v1.4:
- Release on ParkitectNexus no Changelog!