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[Program] TPFSM - Transport Fever Settings Manager v1.4.2 - Beta für Transport Fever
Aktualisiert: 21.09.2018 Veröffentlicht: 04.03.2018 197 Downloads
- Add: Option to renamethe Presets to what you want. Just click on the Preset name!
- Add: Option to display the Changelog again
- Fixed: Your settings (Game Path etc.) should now be automatically restored after an update. For some reason the settings.bak was deleted each time!
- Fixed: Bug where the Textboxes Displays the Wrong Values after Start the Program
- Fixed: Bug where the Saved Values where changed back after Leaving the Hover State of some Buttons
- Changed: Some Code optimisations

- Add: Terrain Tool Radius and Strength (Min/Max) Values
- Add: Error Messages at Click on Save Settings Button if Values of Textboxes are invalid (Not all yet!)
- Add: Blurry and Disabled Background if a smaller Windows is opened
- Fixed: Some Errors and Typos in translation
- Changed: Header Image again and Redesigned the Backup Copy Line

- Add: Savegame Delete. Its the same like in the old (TrainFever-AsD) Program where you can Delete all your Autosavegames with nearly one click.
- Add: Preset 3. You can now Save up to 3 Presets!
- Changed: Bigger Window Size
- Changed: Buttons on Top. Now there are 3 Buttons instead of 1 where you can switch between the Home, Settings and Savegames Window.

- Add: French language (Beta)
- Fix: For a better understanding i have renamed a few names

- Add: Changelog Window after Update
- Fix: Update Window no longer open automatically if a new Update is available
- Fix: Restore default Button now Restores the right default Values
- Fix: Some little UI things
- Fix: User Settings (Game Path etc.) are now cached so you dont need to search the Game Path every time after an Update
- Moved: Language change Buttons are now on the top right Corner of the Window
- Disabled: Updater automatically download the new Version because the Updater does not work like it should. (You can now select where to download the new Version .zip File)

- Add: Updater to easy Update the Program if there is a new Update
- Add: Preset Overwrite Text on Hover Save Button if there is already an saved Preset
- Fix: Problem with the Paths

- Add: Change User Button in Settings for those who have multiple Steam-Accounts or both Steam and GOG.com
- Add: GOG.com Galaxy Support (Complete reworked Authentication process)
- Fix: Program does not start on Windows 7

- Add: Hover function on Preset Save, Load and Delete Button which now displays what it does
- Fix: Single Density (Einzeldichte) now saves the correct Value
- Remove: Tooltips from Preset Save, Load and Delete Buttons

- Initial Release
How-To (Anleitung)
Extract the TPFSM.zip where you want. As ex. on Desktop.
You can start the Tool where you want. Just double-click on it to start it.

If you have Downloaded the new TPFSM.zip from the Tool. Close the Tool (if this is not happen already).
Extract the new TPFSM.zip and overwrite the old TPFSM.exe with it and then start it.

Delete the TPFSM.exe, the TPFSM folder in your Documents and the TPFSM folder in your "C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local" folder.