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Game: Name Type Last Update
Planet Coaster: HolidayPark In. Scenario Yesterday - 25.04.2018
Planet Coaster: Solossos incl. Transfer Track Blueprint Yesterday - 25.04.2018
Fantasy but Real Re-Creation of Heide Park Resort Soltau Colossos.
Planet Coaster: Rig Loop incl. Transfer Track Blueprint 23.04.2018
Fantasy but Real Re-Creation of Heide Park Resort Soltau Big Loop Coaster.
Parkitect: HolidayPark In. Scenario 22.04.2018
Currently used Mods:
- RoadWorks
Parkitect: Advertising Boards 13.04.2018
Planned for Initial Release - Some different Ad Signs in Different Sizes!
Parkitect: RoadWorks [v1.7] Update 13.04.2018
Planned for v1.7 - Road Advertisements & Comeback of Bus Stop Stands
Parkitect: Catwalks (Lights) Extension 07.04.2018
The Direct DL Links are mostly for the GOG.com Users which can not Download from the Steam Workshop.
If you do not have an Steam and GOG.com Account you can also use the Direct DL Link.
Name Status Updated Download
TerraBlocks Canceled 10.2016
Wood Framework Set Shipped with the Game 11.2016
More Hedges Shipped with the Game 11.2016
Cart Accessoires Shipped with the Game 02.2017
RoadWorks v1.6.1 02.04.2018
16 Clicks
- Trafficlights and Lamps now Updated to Beta 5. They now Emit Light at Night.

- Add the new more Modular Trafficlights and Lamps

- Removed Bus Stop & Trafficlight because they need some work
- Add some more Signs
- Add 2 Young Trees for the Roadside
- Road Markings are now Colorable

v1.0 - v1.4:
- Release on ParkitectNexus no Changelog!
PTE (Park Train Extras) v1.1 02.12.2018
12 Clicks
- Move the Mod to the new Mod Tool which make sure the Compatibility is given for Future Game Updates and Release on Steam Workshop

- Initial Release
Catwalks v1.2 11.04.2018
21 Clicks
- Added 12,5ð and 2ð Slope, Slope Up, Slope Down Safetynets
- Added Safetynets Segments for easier and faster usage
- Changed the Order of the Decorations. All Deco Objects are now in a Sub-sub-Categorie which can expand!

- Added Safetynet End (Left & Right) and Pre-Made Segments of all currently existing Catwalk Types
- Fixed missing or Transparent bottom Side of all Catwalk Base Pieces

- Initial Release. There are some Pieces and Features left!
CTS (Coaster Track Segments) v0.3 [Beta] 21.04.2018
6 Clicks
v0.3: [Beta]
- Added to all curently in this Mod used Tracks the "Fake"-Trains (Coaster Cars) except the Mini Coaster Car Model

v0.2: [Beta]
- Fixed Matte Looking on Corkscrew Coaster Brake and Blockbrake Segments. Now they are glossy like the Normal Straight and End Segment.
- Add Segments for Wing Coaster Type.

v0.1 [Beta]
- Initial Release
- 4 Segments for 8 Coaster Types (more to come)
- Some Supports
Corkscrew Coaster [by Michael P] v1.0+ 19.04.2018
11 Clicks
The Corkscrew Coaster - is an additional new Coaster Type for the Game.

This Mod was Created by
Michael P - The whole Work
p.marcell - 3D Artist for the Coaster Cars
StolleJay - Tester and Descriptioner
Transport Fever
Name Status Updated Download
TPFSM - Transport Fever Settings Manager v1.3.2 [Beta] 17.03.2018
23 Clicks
- Add: French language (Beta)
- Fix: For a better understanding i have renamed a few names

- Add: Changelog Window after Update
- Fix: Update Window no longer open automatically if a new Update is available
- Fix: Restore default Button now Restores the right default Values
- Fix: Some little UI things
- Fix: User Settings (Game Path etc.) are now cached so you dont need to search the Game Path every time after an Update
- Moved: Language change Buttons are now on the top right Corner of the Window
- Disabled: Updater automatically download the new Version because the Updater does not work like it should. (You can now select where to download the new Version .zip File)

- Add: Updater to easy Update the Program if there is a new Update
- Add: Preset Overwrite Text on Hover Save Button if there is already an saved Preset
- Fix: Problem with the Paths

- Add: Change User Button in Settings for those who have multiple Steam-Accounts or both Steam and GOG.com
- Add: GOG.com Galaxy Support (Complete reworked Authentication process)
- Fix: Program does not start on Windows 7

- Add: Hover function on Preset Save, Load and Delete Button which now displays what it does
- Fix: Single Density (Einzeldichte) now saves the correct Value
- Remove: Tooltips from Preset Save, Load and Delete Buttons

- Initial Release
Rustiy Rail v1.0.1 04.03.2017
2 Clicks
- The sleepers have been adjusted.
Scrap Mechanic
Name Status Updated Download
Scrap Letters v1.4 02.02.2018
7 Clicks
Update 4:
- Add Light and Glow to all Letters, Numbers and Symbols

Update 3:
- Reduce Polygons on Letter O
- Add Squared Bracket Sign
- Add Letters "Ã?? Ã?? Ã??" for German Players
- Add Plastic Physics Material to all Letters, Numbers and Signs

Update 2:
- Add 6 new Signs

Update 1:
- Reduce Polygons on some Letters
- Reposition Letter J and Q
- Add Numbers and some new Signs
- Add German Inventory Translation
Modular TrafficLights v1.5 02.02.2018
3 Clicks
Small Bearing v1.0 08.05.2017
3 Clicks
This little Mod extends the Game with a Small Bearing.
The Small Bearing has all the Functions like the
Original Bearing but has only the half Size of it.
Scrap Flora v1.0 02.02.2018
4 Clicks
Flashing Lights v0.5 02.02.2018
3 Clicks
Changelog v0.5:
- Add Neon Plates (Rectangle & Triangle)

Changelog v0.4:
- Add Lightbar Speaker with Bass, Drum, Synth and Blip

Changelog v0.3:
- Add Missing Inventory Name for the Diagonal Lightstrip
- Reduce the Mod Size over the half without losing Quality

Changelog v0.2:
- Add Neon Lightstrips
- Fixed wrong Texture on the Lightbar Middle
Small Timer v1.0 08.05.2017
4 Clicks
Original Timer but has only the half Size of it.
As Bonus this Mod includes a "Slim" Timer.
This Mod Timers has all the Functions like the Original.
Slim LogicGate v1.0 08.05.2017
3 Clicks
Original Logic Gate but as Slim Version.
The Logic Gate has all the Functions like the Original.
Slim Sensor v1.0 08.05.2017
3 Clicks
Original Sensor but as Slim Version.
The Sensor has all the Functions like the Original.
Slower & Faster Piston v1.0 30.06.2017
3 Clicks
This Mod adds 2 new Pistons into the Game.
The new Pistons looks like the Original but have different Speeds.
The one is 25% faster and the other one 50% slower.
Small Electric Engine v1.0 09.07.2017
6 Clicks
Original Electric Engine but as Small Version.
The Engine has all the Functions like the Original.
Name Status Updated Download
IBM (Industrie Building Mod) v1.1 14.01.2018
9 Clicks
v1.2 comes out if the Game has more Industries.
Forza Horizon/Motorsport
Name Status Updated Download
Mitsubishi LANCER EVO 9 - P.Corazza `16 v1.0 09.12.2016
Search InGame for eg: "Corazza, StolleJay, Nachbildung or Original".

Available in: Forza Horizon 3
Available in: Forza Motorsport 7
Subaru WRX STi - B.Lasek `15 v1.0 15.12.2016
Search InGame for eg: "Corazza, StolleJay, Nachbildung or Original".

Available in: Forza Horizon 3 only!